In 4 Step with TraveloPersia, Your visa will be in Your hand!

Step 1

Fill in the Iran Visa form online and upload the Required Documents.

Step 2

Pay the required Visa Service Fee with your debit or credit cards online. We trust our guest, so if you want, you can pay the service fee upon your arrival.

Step 3

Receive your authorization code in the shortest possible time.


Step 4

Collect your Visa (by submitting the authorization code) at the chosen location (at the airport or your nearest embassy) and pay for the required Iran Visa Fee.

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All You Need To Know

How can I apply for Iran Visa?

If you are planning to travel to Iran, one of the first matters that you should take into consideration is applying for a Visa. First things first, you have to check if you are a passport holder of a Visa Free Entry Country. If so, you do not have to apply for a Visa. Just make sure you have the necessary documents with you to enter Iran. On the other hand, you might be a passport holder of a Visa on Arrival Country. In that case, you can get your Iran Visa upon your arrival at Major Airports in Iran. However, we recommend you to apply for Iran Visa online and through Travelopersia E-Visa service.

Why is it better to apply for the Iran Visa through E-Visa?

To avoid waiting in the long lines at the airport or any chance of getting rejected at the last moment, it is better and easier to apply for the Iran Visa in Advance and particularly through Iran E-Visa.  Since embassies will eventually refer you to take your Visa application through online process, Instead of going to your nearest Iran Embassy, you can apply for an Iran Visa online and through Iran E-Visa service. Then, with going through the process online, you can later collect your Visa at the airport with the Authorization Code that you have received. Also, you can choose to pick up your Visa at any Iran embassy around the world.

Should I apply for Iran Visa in Advance?

Keep in mind that certain passport holders of some countries are obligated to apply for a Visa in Advance. This means that they can get the authorization code online but they have to visit the embassy for further Visa process. US, UK and Canadian citizens can also apply for their Visa online. The difference is in the documents they have to provide. Also, the process might take a bit longer and there are some additional rules and steps.

What more do I need to know about Iran Visa?

Make sure to read about the Iran Visa Requirements and Policies before applying for a Visa. You can also read about the best time to apply for an Iran Visa and the rules and procedures considering Iran Visa Types, Duration, Extension and Validity. If you are interested, you can also read about Iran Visa Free Zones that you can enter without a Visa.


Can I travel to Iran?
The passport holders of all nationalities and citizens of every country around the world can travel to Iran except for Israeli citizens. They are banned to travel to Iran due to political issues.
Do I need Visa for traveling to Iran?
Yes. Traveling from major countries to Iran requires applying for a Visa, unless you are a citizen of Visa Free Entry countries. Also, the passport holders of most countries can visit the Visa free zones of Iran namely, Kish Island, Maku, Anzali, Aras, Arvand, Qeshm Island Chabahar without an Iran Visa.
How long before my arrival should I apply for an Iran Visa?
For an ease of mind and worry-free travel, we advise you to start your Iran Visa process one month prior to your time of Departure. Keep in mind that, if you are a UK, USA, or Canadian citizen you should start Iran Visa process 2-3 months earlier than usual.
How long is the validity of Iran Visa?
After you have collected your Iran Visa, you have 3 months to Enter Iran. Once you have entered Iran, your Visa will be valid for 30 days. You can also extend your stay by extending Iran Visa Validity. You can read more about Visa Extension here.
What can I do if there is no Iranian Embassy in my city?
You can either go to the next nearest Embassy in another city or you can get your Visa Stamp at one of the chosen airports of Iran upon your arrival.
Do I have to book my flight before getting an Iran Visa?
There is no necessity in booking your flights before obtaining your Iran Visa unless booking a flight is your priority. None of the nationalities are obliged to have flight documents for applying for an Iran Visa.
Can I apply for Multiple Entry Iran Visa?
No. there is no such a thing as Multiple Entry regarding Iran Tourist Visa. Yet, there is no limitation in applying for an Iran Visa within a year.