Domestic Flights in Iran

The fastest way to get around the vast country of Iran is by flying to the cities you are planning to visit. In this way, you can spend quality time, exploring the attractions of several cities of Iran. Unfortunately, due to some limitations, it is not possible for travelers coming from foreign countries to book Iran Domestic Flights directly online. For this reason, Travelopersia is here to connect you to all the available Iranian airlines and receive your online requests to book your domestic flights for you. For more information about flights in Iran you can check out our ultimate flight guide.


What are the best Domestic Airlines in Iran?

Before booking any flights, it is important to compare the popular airlines and types of the aircrafts they present. Iran Air, Mahan Air, and Iran Aseman are among the oldest and best airlines. These airlines offer a wide range of daily flights for popular routes around Iran. Aside from these airlines, Caspian Airline, Kish Air, Qeshm Air, and Zagros Air are of the popular private airline companies.

General Tips to Consider:

Make sure to be at the airport one hour prior to your flight. If you have booked your flight through Travelopersia you will not have to print out your ticket. The Electronic Ticket will suffice. Keep in mind that you need to have your passport in hand for further checkups at the airports. Take into consideration that your baggage weight limit for Economy flights is 30 Kilograms while you can carry up to 60 Kilograms for Business class.

How can I book Iran Domestic Flights through Travelopersia?

Through easy steps, you can enter the departure and the city of your arrival, departure time, and the number of passengers. Then, Travelopersia will provide you with information regarding flight class, available seats, and price. Upon receiving your payment and confirmation, Travelopersia will proceed to book the flight for you.

Fill in the form to get the best flight deal based on your request

Confirm your request by confirming the price

Pay for the ticket online

Receive the electronic ticket

Are Iran Domestic Flights Safe?

tatistically speaking, flying is the safest way to travel. The concern of safety applies to flying anywhere around the world. This being said, unexpected airplane crashes and accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Yet, Iranian Domestic airlines, during years, have shown their commitment to providing travelers with a safe flight.

Are Iran Domestic Flights expensive?

Overall, flying domestically around Iran is much affordable and cheap. Iran Domestic Flights are categorized in economy, first-class, and business class. Accordingly, there are ‘’system tickets’’ which are refundable. On the contrary, ‘’Chartered tickets’’ are cheaper and non-refundable. Here, you can check out the estimated price range for some of the most famous Iran routes.