How to get Iran Travel Insurance by Travelopersia?

You can book your Iran Travel Insurance in 3 easy steps online. Then, with your Insurance Certificate, you can collect your Iran Visa and enjoy a worry-free trip around Iran.

Step 1

Fill in the online application

Step 2

Pay the fee online with your Debit or Credit Cards online

Step 3

Receive the Insurance Certificate in the shortest possible time

Do I need Travel Insurance while traveling around Iran?

Aside from applying for a Visa, you need to have Iran Travel Insurance before entering Iran. Having an Iran Travel Insurance is necessary for collecting your Iran Visa from the airport or your chosen embassy. If your insurance company covers Travel Insurance for several destinations, make sure that the term ‘’Iran’’ is listed and covered by them. This being said, if the terms ‘’Asia’’ or ‘’Middle-East’’ are mentioned, you have to contact your Insurance company to see whether or not your insurance covers Iran.  Due to the present sanctions, it is highly possible that your Insurance Company does not cover Iran Travel Insurance.

Aside from all that was mentioned, purchasing a travel insurance can be extremely assuring in case any injury or medical problem happens during your trip around Iran. Iran offers an excellent Medical Care in most parts and cities, yet it could be much expensive in some cases. By purchasing an insurance, you are planning ahead for any possible challenges during your trip based on the Insurance Coverage Items.

How much does Iran Travel Insurance cost?

Depending on the age of the travelers and the duration of their stay, the Iran Travel Insurance’s costs differ as mentioned below:

Duration of Stay Age
Under 12 13-65 66 – 70 71-80 80 – more
0 – 7 Days 3 € 6 € 9 € 11 € 22 €
8 – 15 Days 6 € 11 € 16 € 22 € 43 €
16 – 30 Days 7 € 14 € 20 € 26 € 52 €
31 – 45 Days 8 € 23 € 34 € 46 € 91 €
46 – 62 Days 13 € 27 € 40 € 55 € 109 €
63 – 92 Days 16 € 32 € 50 € 115 € 125 €

What items are covered by Travelopersia Iran Travel Insurance?

Why purchase an Iran Travel Insurance through Travelopersia?

You have plenty of options for purchasing an Iran Travel Insurance. If you choose an International Insurance Company, it would cost you much more than it should and yet with the same coverage as Travelopersia offers. You can also purchase a travel insurance at the airport. In that case, you have to wait in the long lines in the airport which wastes a great deal of your time and can be tiring after a long flight.

You can book your Travel Insurance online through Travelopersia at the lowest price and in the shortest possible time. Also, Make sure to check out our Visa plus Travel Insurance offer to save up more on Iran Visa and Insurance costs.