The ultimate guide to car rental in Iran and driving

Take your travel experience to the next level with an amazing road trip throughout Iran. Driving in rural areas in Iran can offer you a relaxing experience. From the north to the south of Iran, the roads run through stunning landscapes. With that in mind, are you thinking of getting behind the wheels and exploring Iran with a rental car? If yes, in this article we will be talking about the driving rules and habits in Iran. Also, we will walk you through the process of renting a car in Iran. Plus, you can easily rent a car for your Iran trip through Travelopersia.

Basic Road Regulations in Iran that Tourists Should Know About

Make sure you know the basic rules of driving in Iran before getting behind the wheels. All the streets, highways, and roads of Iran have a specific speed limit. The speed limit for driving in the city is 50 to 80 km/h and 120 km/h in the highways. Some roads are equipped with speed limits and traffic cameras.  The major driving rules in Iran are mentioned as below:

  • you should drive from the right side of the road and overtake from the left
  • the minimum age for driving is 19 years old
  • wearing seatbelt is mandatory for all the passengers
  • using your phone while driving is forbidden
  • the blood alcohol and drug level for the drivers ( and everyone else) have to be 0.0%

With these rules and the basic international driving rules in mind, you are ready to rent a car and start your Iran trip. Below, we will get into the details of renting a car through Travelopersia and its benefits.

Why and how should I rent a car through Travelopersia?

Beside the online reservation and the free cancelation, there are more benefits in renting a car through Travelopersia. Here is the complete guide for renting a car with Travelopersia, its main inclusions and policies.

How can I rent a Car in Iran?

Basically, you can rent a car by filling up an online form through Travelopersia. Reserve your car online and pick it up at one of your chosen and available pick up locations. You can pay for the rental service upon your arrival in Iran. The good news is, it is possible for you to cancel your rental for free at the pick-up location.

Pick Up and Drop off Locations

You can pick up or drop off the rented car in your desired location in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Bandar Abbas, Tabriz, and Kerman. Accordingly, we can deliver the rental car at your convenience from the airport, to your accommodation, or anywhere else.

Unlimited Mileage

Free Cancelation

What is included in Travelopersia’s car rental service

No Deposit needed

Full Insurance

Brand New Vehicles

Daily Insurance and Km Plans for Travelopersia’s Car Rental

All the rental cars are covered by daily insurance. Accordingly, there are 3 main insurance plans. The Basic and Medium insurance plans are free and included in Travelopersia’a car rental. For the golden insurance plan, you have to pay an additional fee for more coverage. The plans’ inclusions and fees are mentioned in the table below.

   Basic    Medium   Gold 
Theft Protection
24/7 Roadside Assistance
Third-Party And passengers Protection
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
Car Accessories Insurance
Car Replacement In 24 Hours
Breakdown cover for Windscreen, Glass, Lights
Damage and Natural Disasters protection
The right to Stop at the Repair Shop
Providing accommodation at the Time of Car Failure
Money Value and responsibility of Economical Cars xxx xxx xxx
Money Value and responsibility of SUVs xxx xxx xxx
Insurance Price of Economical Cars free free xxx
Insurance Price of SUVs free free xxx

Optional Equipment on the Rental Car

You can request for the Optional equipment listed below at the time of your reservation. Accordingly, there is an extra fee for reserving these optional equipment. After Travelopersia’s confirmation you can have these equipment at the time of car pickup.

  • Pressed plastic tire chains
  • Folding bikes in size 20 suitable for weight up to 100 kg
  • Baby car seats
  • Foldable metal and fabric Single chairs
  • Portable Travel Tables
  • Off-road cars’ Roof Tents
  • High speed 10 GB potable Wi-Fi
  • Traffic Plan Permit and Navigation System
  • Ski Equipment
  • local driver

Where can I pick up or drop off the rental Car?
You can pick up or drop off your car in your desired location in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Bandar Abbas, Tabriz, and Kerman. Accordingly, we can deliver the rental car to the airport, your accommodation, or anywhere else.
What are the required document for picking up the rental car?
You need to show and hand in a copy of the mentioned personal documents for picking up the rental car. 1.A copy of the renter’s valid driving license 2.A copy of the renter’s Passport 3.Iran Visa 4.Return Flight Ticket
Is there any extra fee for additional Drivers?
There is no extra fee required for an additional driver. Keep in mind that additional drivers need to be mentioned in the rental agreement. Also, they need to present the same documents as the renter at the pick-up location.
Is my national driving license enough for driving and renting a car in Iran?
A valid national driving license with at least 2 years of driving experience is required for driving a rental car. Also, we recommend you to have an International Driving Permit (IDP) just in case.
Is there any age restriction for renting a car in Iran?
You should be at least of the age of 19 to rent and drive a car or any other motor vehicle in Iran.
Do I have to pay a deposit for renting a car?
If you rent a car through Travelopersia, you will not have to pay a deposit beforehand. You can even cancel your rental service at the time of pickup without any charges.
What should I do if a technical problem happens to my rental car?
All the rental cars of Travelopersia are covered by daily insurance. Moreover, there is a 24/7 road assistance service included in your rental plan. In case the technical problem was not resolved, we can replace your rental car in less than 24 hour.
Can I rent a car with a driver through Travelopersia?
You can book a driver through Travelopersia for your Iran trip. For more information you can contact us. In summary, your booking includes: •Rental Rates & VAT •All taxes and fees •Fuel and Tolls fee •Experienced English speaking Chauffeur & Accommodation