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1. How many people are usually on each tour?
There are a Maximum of 15 people on monthly held group tours while our private tours are personalized according to your preferences.
2. Can I make any changes to the plans of the itinerary before or during my trip?
You can request for itinerary adjustments at any time before the tour begins. Otherwise, you can only request for possible changes in daily activities of the tour.
3. Is it dangerous for solo travelers, like me, to travel around Iran?
Do not let the misconceptions about Iran put you off, experience this country first hand and you’ll soon realize that Iran is one of the safest countries in the world. Iranian people can be the most welcoming and respectful people you will ever meet. All travelers, women or men, traveling solo or in groups, will feel safe and secure in Iran.
4. As a tourist, what do I need to know about the food in Iran?
Food is an important part of the culture in any country. While in Iran, you can find different types of food according to your preferable taste and likings. Iranian cuisine offers a wide range of variety.
5. Do I need insurance for traveling to Iran?
Yes. All the incoming travelers are required to provide travel insurance which should include worldwide coverage. Travelopersia also operates all of its tours under Travel insurance coverage.
6. Do I need Visa for Traveling to Iran?
Yes. Traveling from major countries to Iran requires applying for a Visa. Visa service is included in Travelopersia travel packages. Also, you can apply for a visa separately through Travelopersia.
7. Can I use my Debit Card while traveling around Iran?
No. unfortunately due to the present sanctions, foreign Debit Cards are not accepted by ATMs and Banks around Iran. However, Travelopersia can provide you with an Iranian Debit Card so you would not have to carry much cash with you. Find out more...
8. What is the currency used in Iran?
Since using foreign Credit or Debit cards are not allowed in Iran, you are advised to bring sufficient cash with you in a global currency (such as Euros or Dollars) which you may change later to our local currency known as Rials at the local money changers.
9. When is the best time to Travel to Iran?
Iran is known as one of the rare four season countries of the world. Yet, the best time to travel to Iran is from March to May and the end of September to the beginning of November.
10. What is the required dress code in Iran?
All around the world, there are certain rules concerning the dress code of the countries according to their culture and religion. In Iran, locals and tourists are obliged to wear clothes that cover their body appropriately.
11. What is the mode of payment to book for tours?
We require a prepayment which you need to pay when you have agreed to our proposed itinerary and terms. We offer credit card payments with our payment partner and flexibility to pay online in different currencies. The remaining balance will be paid in cash in EURO or USD upon arrival.
12. What is your cancellation/refund policy?
After your payment is completed and your booking is confirmed, if you cancel your booking 45 or more days before the departure, you will get a 50% refund. If your trip is departing in less than 45 days, the amount is non-refundable. So we highly recommend taking an all-inclusive insurance policy, so you know your investment is secure!