Why you need to learn Persian language?

The majority of the population speaks the Persian (Farsi) language, which is also the official language of the country. There are also some other dialects spoken by people around Iran. Azeri, Luri, Baluchi, Kurdish, Arabic and etc…, are the languages people speak in different part of the country. Armenian, Georgian, and Neo-Aramaic are also minority languages spoken by people.

How about learning some Persian greetings before traveling to Iran? Whether you want to get a taxi, pay for your dinner or talk to the local people and interact with Iranians, you will need to know some Persian. For sure you will meet lots of Iranians who come to you to have a chat and maybe even hang out together. Remember, Modern Persian and Farsi are the same language. The fact is that learning Persian language is not quite as easy for many people since the grammar structure is different to what they know and what they have been taught. Most of the Persian/Farsi alphabet is similar to the Arabic alphabet and there are lots of similar words in both languages. However, these two languages, are totally different due to the different grammar structure.

Let’s Start!

In Persian language, the grammar is much simpler than Latin and Arabic and this simplicity makes it more complicated for non-natives to understand! For example, Persians use only one pronoun for “He”, “She” and “It”! You can also easily switch to simpler forms of verbs whenever it is needed.

All right, let’s forget about the grammar. There are a couple of Persian phrases you might need while traveling to Iran and talking to Iranians. Here is a list of common, survival and useful Persian greetings and phrases written in English and Persian. The pronunciation is also included. Most of the sentences below are used for everyday conversations, so they might come in handy if you memorize them.



English Persia فارسی
Hello Salam سلام
Goodbye Khodahafez خداحافظ
See you later! Badan mibinamet بعدا می بینمت
Good morning! Sobh bekheir صبح به خیر
Good afternoon Zohr bekheir ظهر به خیر
Good evening! Asr bekheir عصر به خیر
Good night Shab bekheir شب به خیر
Good night and sweet dreams! Shab bekheir va khab haye khoob bebini شب به خیر و خواب های خوب ببینی
Welcome! Khosh amadid خوش آمدید
How are you? Shoma chetor hastid? شما چطور هستید؟
I’m fine, thanks! Man khoobam, motshakeram من خوبم، متشکرم
And you? Shoma chetor? شما چطور؟
Great Ali عالی
Good Khoob خوب
Not bad Bad nistam بد نیستم
Thank you Motshakeram متشکرم
Excuse me Mibakh’shid می بخشید
You’re welcome! Khahesh mikonam خواهش می کنم
What’s new? What’s up? Che khabar? چه خبر؟
Nothing much Khabari nist خبری نیست

Asking for Help and Direction


English Persian فارسی
I’m lost Man gom shodam من گم شدم
Can you help me? Mitoonid komakam konid? می تونید کمکم کنید؟
Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)? Dastshooyi/ Darookhane kojast? دستشویی/ داروخانه کجا است؟
Straight/ Left/ Right Mostaghim/ Chap/ Rast مستقیم/ چپ/ راست
I’m looking for John. Man donbale John migardam دنبال جان می گردم
Can you show me? Mishe neshoonam bedid? میشه نشونم بدهید؟
Can you say it again? Mishe tekrar konid? میشه تکرار کنید؟
Can you speak slowly? Mishe aheste sohbat konid? میشه آهسته صحبت کنید؟
Write it down, please! Benevisid lotfan بنویسید لطفا
I don’t understand! Motvajeh nemishavam متوجه نمی شوم
I don’t know! Nemidanam نمی دانم
I have no idea! Nazari nadaram نظری ندارم
What’s it called in Persian? Be farsi che mishavad? به فارسی چه می شود؟
What does “ketab” mean in English? “Ketab” be englisi che mishavad? کتاب” به انگلیسی چه می شود؟”
How do you say “Please” in Persian? “Please” be Farsi che mishavad?  به فارسی چه می شود؟”please”
What time is it? Saat chand ast? ساعت چند است؟
It’s 4 Saat 4 ast ساعت 4 است
How much is it? Gheimatash chand ast? قیمتش چند است؟

How to Introduce Yourself

English Persian فارسی
Do you speak (English/ Farsi)? Aya Farsi/ Englisi sohbat mikonid? آیا فارسی/ انگلیسی صحبت می کنید؟
What’s your name? Esme shoma chist? اسم شما چیست؟
My name is … Esme man …  …. اسم من
Mr/ Mrs Agha/ Khanoom آقا/ خانم
Boy/ Girl Pesar/ Dokhtar پسر/ دختر
Nice to meet you! Khosh vaghtam! !خوش وقتم
How old are you? Chand sal darid? چند سال دارید؟
I’m twenty years old Bist sal daram بیست سال دارم

Useful words and phrases


English Persian فارسی
Good luck! Movafagh bashid موفق باشید
Happy birthday! Tavalodat mobarak تولدت مبارک
Happy new year! Sale no mobarak سال نو مبارک
Congratulations! Tabrik migooyam تبریک می گویم
Bless you (when sneezing) Afiat bashad عافیت باشد
No Problem! Masaleyi nist مسئله ای نیست
Good Khoob خوب
Bad Bad بد
Big Bozorg بزرگ
Small Koochak کوچک
Just a little Kami کمی
Today Emrooz امروز
Now Alan الان
Tomorrow Farda فردا
Yesterday Dirooz دیروز
Year Sal سال
Month Mah ماه
Week Hafteh هفته
Day Rooz روز
Night Shab شب
Yes Bale بله
No Kheir خیر


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