Travelopersia currently offers a 30% discount on Salam Persia travel package. To secure this deal, you are required to make a prepayment of 100 Euros in advance. This offer is then valid within the next 12 months after the initial payment has been made.

Special Offer for Special interest


Determined person

  • Each discount offer is only available for a limited time. The offer’s price range will differ from time to time.
  • Each discount deal is only available for a limited number of registrations. Make sure to book the packages without further delay.
  • Travelopersia updates the ‘’special offers’’ page when new offers and discounts are available, so be sure to check back regularly for our latest discounts on the various travel packages.
  • The initial payment for this travel package is 100 Euros. The rest of the payment is to be paid in cash once you have arrived in Iran.
  • Travel insurance is included in discount packages.
  • Travelopersia Company is responsible for the covered travel insurance.
  • All reservations are recorded under the dual agreement of the companies established in Iran and Thailand.
  • All the necessary information will be sent to the signed email address on the booking forms.
  • Filling the forms does not necessarily complete the booking and reservation process.
  • After making the initial payment, Travelopersia will issue the booking and reservation confirmation.
  • If the payment is not made, then Travelopersia reserves the right to cancel all bookings and reservations.
  • After booking the package, you may share with us your preferences and further requests if any.