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Iran Nomad Adventure Tour in 14 days

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14 Days, 13 Nights

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Daily Tour

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A majority of the population and the ancient history of Iran is depicted by different tribes and Nomads that reside in this vast country. In 14 days, by booking this tour, you get to behold the Nomadic lifestyle of the people of Persia from up close. You will have the opportunity to visit the homelands of Nomadic tribes of Iran such as Kuhrang and Chogha Khor Lagoon with our expert guides.  In this tour, you will also get the chance to explore the best historic and natural attractions of Iran. For more information about the attractions mentioned in this itinerary, you can check out our blogs’ posts.

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  • Touch on the lifestyle of Nomads of Bakhtiari Tribes in the untouched lands and rivers of Kuhrang
  • Enjoy the refreshing springs of Dime Village
  • Discover Zoroastrian’s Traditional food and traditions while staying at a Farm Village
  • Visit the architectural masterpieces of Mosques, Squares, Traditional Bazaars, and palaces
  • Spend the night in Nomad’s Tent while visiting Dimeh, Sepidan, and Bavanat

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Day 1: Arrival in Tehran

The Tour begins when your plane lands at Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA) in Tehran. Our representative will be there to greet you and take you to Bahar Hotel to rest for the night.

Day 2: Tehran

We will be spending this day visiting some of the best attractions of the Capital of Iran, Tehran. We will begin the day by visiting the National Museum of Tehran. This museum is the greatest museum of history and archeology of Iran. Then, we will be visiting the UNESCO recognized and splendid Golestan Palace Next, we will explore and walk through the nearby Bazaar which is the oldest Bazaar of Tehran known as the Grand Bazaar. On this day, we also will be visiting the National Jewelry Museum which holds a rare collection of world famous stone gems and royal jewels that were gathered through centuries. We will check out the Nature Bridge which is the largest pedestrian overpass in Tehran and a contemporary masterpiece of architecture. We will take you back to Bahar Hotel to spend the night. (overnight in Tehran)

Day 3: Tehran - Kashan

On the third day, we will leave Tehran to the city of Kashan early in the morning. Once we are in Kashan, we will be visiting the UNESCO recognized Fin Garden which is known as one of the most beautiful, special, and appreciated Persian Gardens by its visitors. Then, we will discover one of the most visited Persian historical houses known as Tabatabayi House. Continuing to the center of Kashan, we will visit the Aqa Bozorg Religious School and Mosque. This 18th century Islamic complex is famous for its fine symmetrical plan and architecture. To cap off this day‘s tour, we will enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of a Persian Bathhouse called Sultan Ahmad Bathhouse to discover the elements and features of a Persian Bathhouse. We will spend the night in Kashan at Negin Traditional Hotel. (overnight in Kashan)

Day 4: Kashan – Abyaneh - Esfahan

On the fourth day, we will hit the road to Esfahan. On our way to Esfahan, we will visit Abyaneh Village. Abyaneh village, as one of the must-see villages of Iran, is famously called the red village for its vermilion colored houses. After some sightseeing in Abyaneh, we will leave to Esfahan to visit the Jame Mosque of Esfahan. This mosque is one of the finest collection of architectural elements belonging to several eras. We will then visit the Vank Cathedral located in Armenian center of the city. The mixture of Armenian and Iranian architecture along with the rich motifs and paintings of this cathedral have caught the interests of many visitors. We will be spending the night at Piroozy Hotel.(overnight in Esfahan)

Day 5: Esfahan

On this day, we will visit the Chehel Sotun Palace which is a UNESCO Heritage Site that is surrounded by a great and beautiful Persian garden. The walls of the palace are adorned with mirrors, different designs and historical paintings. Next, we will walk to the nearby magnificent Naqsh-E Jahan Square. This UNESCO site is the third largest square in the world. We can gaze at the splendor of the Square’s architecture, learn about its history and enjoy its tranquil ambiance. While we are there, we will also visit Shah Mosque which is a masterpiece of architecture and one of the finest examples of blue-tiled mosques. Also, we will discover the adjacent mosque called Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. Next, we will visit the imperial Ali Qapu palace. Before getting back to Piroozy Hotel, we will walk through the old and world famous Bazaar of Isfahan through Qeysarieh Gate located on the northern side of the Square. (overnight in Esfahan)

Day 6: Esfahan – Kuhrang - Dimeh

On the sixth day, we will head to Kuhrang. The Bakhtiari Tribes pass through the hills and the land of Kuhrang. During this trip, we will get to touch on the lifestyle of Nomads of Bakhtiari Tribes while exploring Kuhrang. The Bakhtiari tribe is one of the most prominent tribes in Iran which are famous for their special nomadic culture and lifestyle. We will also enjoy the untouched nature of Kuhrang River. We will then head to Dimeh to spend the night a Nomad’s Tent. (overnight in Dimeh)

Day 7: Dimeh - Shahrekord

On this day, we will visit Kuhrang Dam (water Canal). Also, while visiting Dime Village, we will enjoy the refreshing springs of Dime. Then, we will visit one of the most exquisite waterfalls of this area called Sheikh Ali Khan Waterfall. To continue our trip, we will drive to Shahrekord to visit the Chaleshtor Castle. This 18th century castle represents a mix of Qajar and European architecture. We will also make a stop at Zaman Khan Bridge which is built on a stone trestle. We will be staying at Locals House while we are in Shahrekord.(overnight in Shahrekord)

Day 8: Shahrekord - Yasuj

On the eights day, we will head to Chogha Khor Lagoon which is the homeland of Bakhtiari Nomads. We will be enjoying the beautiful and unique wildlife of this Lagoon with views of Zagros Mountains. We will be spending the night at Azadi Hotel in Yasuj. (overnight in Yasuj)

Day 9: Yasuj - Sepidan

On this day, we will head to Sepidan to enjoy the beauty of Margoon Waterfall. This waterfall is hidden in the heart of Sepidan region. We will also be exploring the Marvelous Nature of Sepidan. Sepidan is known as the heaven of nature lovers for its fountain, rivers, and spectacular views of Mountains. We will be spending the night in a Nomad’s Tent in Sepidan. (overnight in Sepidan)

Day 10: Sepidan - Shiraz

On this day we will drive to Shiraz to visit the touristic highlights of the city. First, we will be visiting one of the most glamorous mosques in the world called Nasirolmolk Mosque or the Pink Mosque. This mosque is world famous for its stained glass windows. Then, we will enjoy the beauty of a famous garden of Shiraz called Eram Garden which is a UNESCO Heritage site. Next, we will explore the historical center of the city by visiting Vakil Mosque and Vakil Bazaar. Then, we will visit Ali ebne Hamzeh Shrine which is a unique Shia’s holy shrine. We will also be visiting the heavenly Mausoleum of Hafez where one of the most famous and respected Persian poets is laid to rest. We will head to Beyn Ol-Harameyn Hotel to spend the night in Shiraz. (overnight in Shiraz)

Day 11: Shiraz – Persepolis - Bavanat

Today, we will leave Shiraz to visit Persepolis which is located within 53 Km away. This UNESCO World Heritage site is considered as the gem of Achaemenid Persian Empire. We will then discover the years of history and glory of Persepolis, before we continue our exploration to the majestic Necropolis which is located within 5 kilometers of Persepolis. The tombs of Persian Kings of Achaemenid are impressively carved out of a rock wall, high above the ground. We will head to Bavanat to spend the night in Nomad’s Tent to behold the Nomadic lifestyle of the people of Bavanat. (overnight in Bavanat)

Day 12: Bavanat – Abarkuh - Yazd

On this day, we get to see more of the lifestyle of the Nomads of Bavanat from up close. We will then drive to Abarkuh for sightseeing at the Abarkuh Cypress. With 18 meters of height, this Cypress is known to be between 4000 to 5000 years old. We will also be visiting Abarkuh Ice House. We will then drive to Yazd to visit the ancient Amir Chakhmag Complex which is known as the symbol of the city. We will then visit Dolat Abad Garden which is one of the 9 Persian Gardens inscribed on UNESCO list. In the heart of the garden is located the Tallest Windward in the World. We will head to Khan Dohed Hotel to rest and spend the night.(overnight in Yazd)

Day 13: Yazd – Meybod - Mazra’e Kalantar Zoroastrian Village

On this day, we will visit the Fire Temple of Yazd. This Fire Temple holds the everlasting fire that has been burning for more than 1500 years. Next, we will be visiting Jameh Mosque of Yazd which is known as the congregational ancient mosque of this city. Then, we will make our way to the ancient clay city of Meybod to visit Narin Castle. This castle is known to be one of the oldest clay structures in the world. We will head to Zoroastrian Historic Village of Mazra’e Kalantar where you will find 25 members of Zoroastrian community living in this Farm village. We will be staying at Shirin and Farhad Eco-lodge. We will get to experience Zoroastrian’s local dishes and traditions while staying at this Local House.(overnight in Mazra’e Kalantar Village)

Day 14: Yazd - Flight to Tehran

On the last day of this tour, we will catch a direct flight back to Tehran. Once we have arrived in Tehran, we will make our way to visit the iconic symbol of Tehran which is Azadi Tower. Next, we will visit the impressive Carpet Museum that showcases over 150 types of Persian carpets each with special history behind them. We will take you to Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA) in Tehran where our tour will come to an end.(overnight in Tehran)


  • All airport transfers
  • Accommodation in standard 3 or 4 hotels
  • Private air conditioned vehicle for the whole trip
  • Domestic flight (Yazd - Tehran)
  • Meals (Breakfast & 13 Lunch & 4 Dinners)
  • Expert English speaking local guide
  • All the mentioned entrance fees
  • Visa authorization code & support
  • Travel Insurance within Iran
  • Local SIM Card with 2 Gig data
  • A booklet with information on the attractions
  • Visa Stamp fee
  • International flights
  • Tips for the Guide and the Driver
  • Other personal expenses not mentioned in the itinerary

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How long does it take to process an Iran Visa?
Typically, visa authorization codes are issued within 1-3 working days. You can then collect your Visa in 10 days at the Embassy. We advise you to start the process 3 to 4 weeks prior to the date of your departure. Also, if you are a UK, USA, or Canadian citizen you should start Iran Visa process 2-3 months earlier than usual.
from €1.250,00

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