A Guide to Kashan

Just within 200 Kilometers of Isfahan is located the historical City of Kashan in Iran. In its western side, Kashan is surrounded by mountains. From the east, however, this city opens up to the central desert of Iran known as Dasht-e Kavir. Kashan as a prosperous oasis holds some of the most notable historic attractions since it was located near one of the old capitals of Iran, Isfahan. Aside from the historical importance of the city, the attractions of Maranjab Desert and special rose water Festivals are what make Kashan one of the famous touristic attractions in Iran. Below, we will get more into the points that has made Kashan an exceptional destination for tourists. Also, we are going to give you a special travel guide to Kashan by telling its story, points of interest, special Handicrafts, local food, how to get around and more.

Boroojerdi house
kashan mosque

The Story of Kashan

The story of Kashan began in around 6th millennium BCE when one of the first human civilization took place in the prehistoric site of Tepe Sialk. Until today, Kashan as a part of Isfahan Province, has had an active role in the history of Iran. Kashan was once on an important caravan Route. This city is also located on the way of the southeastern branch of the Iran Railway. The splendor and growth of this city began mostly about 400 years ago and during the reign of Shah Abbas the first of the Safavid dynasty. This Safavid Ruler made Isfahan the Capital of Iran and paid much attention to the prosperity of Isfahan and Kashan. In the end, Shah Abbas the Great, chose Kashan for his eternal resting place. Below, we are going to introduce the points of interest of Kashan that has made this city one of the unique touristic destinations.

What Makes Kashan Exceptional?

The city of Kashan bears witness to one of the earliest evidence of human settlements in pre-historic ages. The archeological site of Tepe Sialk (Sialk Hills) still stand today as a testimony of one of the primary civilizations. The UNESCO recognized Fin Garden which is known as one of the most beautiful and appreciated Persian Gardens is also located in Kashan.

This city is famous for its Rose Flowers. In special times of the year, the locals of Kashan hold a festival in which they extract Rose water from these flowers. On top of this, Kashan is a famous destination for Desert lovers and hikers. While exploring Kashan, you can visit various traditional Historic Houses and many more points of interest which we will be introducing below.

Need to Know

People & the cultural customs of Kashan

The Locals of Kashan speak Persian with Kashani Dialect. There are many ceremonies held in Kashan every year. These ceremonies are mostly religious-based such as the mourning ceremony of Muharram. Nakh Gardani ritual (a kind of parade with a wooden structure in shape of a palm tree) is done during Muharram in cities like Yazd and Kashan. Another religious ceremony is the Carpet Washing Ceremony. This ritual is carried out by the Shiite Muslim annually in Mashhad-e Ardehal which is located near Kashan. The Rosewater festival is also another famous ceremony which is held by the locals of Kashan during special times of the year for extracting Rose water from the Rose petals that have just gloomed.

What is the best time to travel to Kashan?

As mentioned before, Kashan is divided into mountainous and desert-like regions. This being said, for its close location to one of the central deserts of Iran, Kashan has a semi-dry Climate. The best time to explore Kashan is during spring time and from March to June when you can also participate in Rose Water Festival. The hot summer days prevail until August. From August to December the autumn weather is quite fine for traveling around this region of Iran. Through January and February the cold and dry wintery weather prevails.

What is the best way to get to Kashan?

Kashan as a small city has a domestic airport where domestic flights from main cities in Iran land there. The closest international Airport to Kashan is Isfahan’s Shahid Beheshti International Airport. However, the best way to get to Kashan is by a private car. Most tourist prefer to have a private driver to drive them to Kashan since it is about 1-2 hour car ride away from the capital of Iran, Tehran and the popular destination of Isfahan. There are also intercity bus services to Kashan. If you need a private guide, driver or simply if you need to book domestic flights, trains or intercity buses, you can get the best deals through Travelopersia Here.

How to get around Kashan

Kashan is a small town where you can have a pleasant walk for visiting the mains attractions of the city. Most touristic attractions of Kashan are located within close walking distance of each other. Also, there are bus services and bus stops which are located just near these attractions. You can also use Taxis and Online Taxi Apps to get around Kashan. Also, if you are looking for car rentals for your trips you can rent a car through Travelopersia.

Fin garden
kashan rosewater

The City Map

Trip Ideas

If you have decided to visit the city on your Iran trip, you can enjoy not only a collection of historical highlights, but also a hike through the Maranjab Desert. While exploring Kashan you can visit some of the most exceptional traditional Houses and bath Houses in Iran. The major highlights and points of interest are listed as below. (You can find more information on these attractions by checking out our Blog’s posts.)

The first human settlement of Sialk Hills

Sialk Hills are among the archeological wonders of Iran. Sialk Archeological Mounds are known as one of the oldest human settlements. There have been many archeological researches about these 7000 year-old Mounds. Some of the excavations of these hills were done by the famous French archeologist, Roman Ghirshman.

The UNESCO recognized Fin Garden

The historical Persian Fin Garden is one of the most visited attractions of Kashan. The whole garden with all the structures that surround this heavenly garden, showcase a kind of combination of nature with culture and history in the Iranian architecture. The existence of old cypress trees in the middle of a desert-like city of Kashan adds to the beauty of Fin Garden. Fin Bath House is also located along this Garden. This Bath House is where the famous prime minister of Qajar dynasty known as Amir Kabir was murdered.

Aqa Bozorg Religious School and Mosque

This 18th century mosque in the heart of the city is an example of a fine religious school. The blue and turquoise tiles along with the symmetrical pattern of this mosque has caught the eyes of many of its visitors. The many techniques of natural air-conditioning can also be seen in the architecture of Aqa Bozorg Religious School and Mosque. The two minaret of the mosque are actually wind catchers. Moreover, the whole structure is designed in a way so that the wind can pass through the rooms during the hot days of the desert.

Sultan Ahmad Bathhouse

All around Iran when there is a mosque and a Bazaar, there is also a Bath House. Kashan Sultan Ahmad’s Bath House is one of the best preserved examples of Persian Bath Houses in Iran. The patterns of its ceiling and the decorations of the Bath House have made it one of the most visited touristic attractions in this city.

The magnificent Traditional Houses

  • Tabatabayi House in Kashan which is known as the bride of Iranian Traditional Houses with its Qajar Architecture.
  • Abbasian House which holds a collection of some of the most stunning stucco works of Iranian-Islamic architecture
  • Boroujerdi House which was designed by master architects and painters for 18 years before it was fully completed
  • Ameri-Ha House which was designed with special plaster work, mirror works, and wooden doors with stained-glass windows in 19th

Local Food & Signature Dishes

You can try several Persian dishes in Kashan Restaurants. Here is a list of hand-picked Restaurants and Cafes in Kashan. If you are looking for signature Kashan dishes, there is the Nokhod Alleh stew which is made with chickpeas, meat, and rosewater. There is also a special rice dish which is called Kateh Moatar. The signature Kashan dishes are cooked with rosewater and special mixture of spices. The main souvenir of Kashan is, as mentioned before, Kashan’s Rosewater and other herbal essences which are famous in Iran and around the world. Kashan cotton candy, Haji Badami (a kind of covered almond), and Kashan Baklava are among the famous edible souvenirs of Kashan.

Handicraft & Souvenirs

The textile industry has always been at its peak during the most prosperous eras in Iran. Accordingly, Kashan handicrafts is much associated with carpet weaving and velvet, brocade, and silk weaving. Carpet weaving in Kashan has been inscribed in 2010 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Among all Persian Carpets, Kashan Carpets are recognizable for their unique designs.

Kashan Persian Ceramic and pottery are also another famous handicraft of this city. The evidence of pottery making in Kashan dates back to 7000 years ago in Tepe Sialk. Weaving Giveh (a kind of traditional shoe) is also a popular art among the villagers of Kashan. While exploring Kashan, you can find many workshops and stores (specially in Kashan’s Traditional Bazaar) selling different types and designs of Kashan’s finest Handicrafts and Carpets.

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