A menu in the top right corner of the trading panel lets you adjust trading properties, disconnect or select another broker. Your account ID and account currency is displayed there as well. Lately we have seen a move down in the price of EURUSD on the Recent USD strength and potential pricing in. We have also just seen the Latest Market Maker stop. Price pulled slightly below the previous low and rebounded with price…

  • So, EUR/USD it’s come from to a trend up from few days and now, we are in this point on Daily!!!
  • The trend is back in favor of the bulls!
  • It’s what you’d call our philosophy, that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you trade, preparing first then committing is the best way of maximizing life’s returns.
  • In a 4hr time-frame, GBPCAD climbing to its max.

Traders watch over the market happenings then make your move. Hey traders, in today’s trading session we are monitoring GBPUSD for a selling opportunity around 1.35 zone, once we will receive any bearish confirmation the trade will be executed. It is expected that the index will change trend after reaching the specified resistance range and we will continue to see a downward trend. We’re a charting platform and social network used by 30M+ traders and investors worldwide to spot opportunities across global markets.

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The entry price, SL and multiple TPs are shown on the chart. Our back testing and money management strategy itself is holding until a reverse signal to ride a big trend, but as you will not see the next signal – manage the trade as you wish should you decide to enter. forex trading view Our strategy is a trend following… Here on the GBPJPY, we can see that price is heading towards a strong resistant area, after which we expect a bearish reversal to the downside at least to the previous demand zone. Thanks for checking out on my analysis.

forex trading view

✅ Traders, you are welcome to share your charts, thoughts, and… Gold price is widely followed in financial markets around the world. AU is the code for Gold on the Periodic table of elements, and the price above is Gold quoted in US Dollars, which is the common yardstick for measuring the value of Gold across the world. Major, minor, exotic, European, Asian and other currency pairs are available on this page.

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We make most our money only through low cost monthly subscriptions and ads. We don’t care if you trade or not. For us, objectivity is excellence. Hey Everyone, I guess we don’t need to tell you how well we are doing this morning .

We never lose sight of the fact that millions of traders invest their hard-won capital based on what they see on our platform. The better we do, the better you can do, and the more opportunities you’ll have. On March/April 2020 we hit irrational market conditions due to the abrupt halt in the economy. We can blame the pandemic as the trigger, however there were indicators that were already flashing a slow down in the economy. Then “Magically” the so called “V Recovery”. Sharp, strong, “back to normal”, unemployment spiked to unprecedented levels and went back to a…

Futures Ideas

The basket of major currencies consists of 7 pairs only. These currency pairs account for most of the turnover of Forex market. For instance, EURUSD pair alone accounts for about 30% of the trading volume. Firstrly, As I say you yesterday that this was a manipulation and https://www.orapages.com/dotbig my prediction it’s have beee success. Now, this is more important to protect your position and put a break even in 0 pips, you dont loss or earn, just protect your position in short and stay hope until to complete, be patient. Now, this drop I predicted yesterday that…

Gold Spot

The world’s most-widely traded currency pair is poised for a big move heading into dueling central bank meetings next week. Here on the Dollar index, we can a clear break of Trendline, afterwhich price created another correction . Therefore, we expect to see some bearishness on the DXY. However, this may be for a short, as the USD still possess strong longing sentiment.

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Stated both bias for buys and sells. Before the Internet revolution only large players such https://www.ig.com/en/forex/what-is-forex-and-how-does-it-work as international banks, hedge funds and extremely wealthy individuals could participate.