Legendary mountains and valleys cover the country of Iran from the north to the south and west to the east. The two famous mountain ranges in Iran are Zagros and Alborz. Zagros Mountain Range starts from the northwestern Iran to the south. The Alborz Mountain range, however, covers the northern part of the country from the west to the east. Now with this potential, there are many equipped Ski Resorts in Iran. Each Ski Resort in Iran offers a range of equipment and lift systems. On top of this, you can have the best skiing experience while enjoying the mountainous villages of Iran. In this article, we will be introducing the Ski Resorts in Iran from the best to the rest.

Ski Resorts in Iran & their equipment

There are about 16 well-known Ski Resorts around Iran. Below we will be introducing them from top to bottom. For more information about these Ski Resorts or even the summit peaks you can check out our Blog’s Posts.

Dizin Ski Resort (within 70 km of Tehran)

First on our list is Dizin Ski Resort which is the biggest resort on Alborz mountain range. Dizin Ski Resort is famous for being one of the highest Ski Resorts in Iran. There are 9 Ski lifts, 3 Chairlift, and 4 Gondolas in this resort. Some of these lifts soar to almost 3,600 meters. The many slopes and off-piste trails of Dizin Ski Resort are covered with quality snow. You can enjoy the views of Mount Damavand while skiing at this resort.

Darbandsar Ski Resort (within 68 km of Tehran)

Darbandsar is one of the most popular Ski Resorts which is located just behind Dizin Ski Resort. There are 2 four-seat chairlifts, 1 two-seat chairlift, 1 gondola, and 2 ski lifts in this resort. There are 2 green slopes and red slopes available for skiing. It is worth noting that off-piste skiing is not allowed.

Shemshak Ski Resort (within 64 km of Tehran)

The third largest Ski Resort in Iran is Shemshak Ski Resort. There are 2 Ski Lifts and 2 two-seat Chairlifts in Shemshak Ski Resort. Moreover, several slopes and off-piste trails are available in different difficulty levels.

Tochal Ski Resort (within 53 km of Tehran)

Tochal Ski Resort is the fifth highest resort in the world. There are 2 chairlifts and 1 gondola in this ski resort. The slopes of Tochal Ski Resort provide quality and groomed snow. Also, you can experience off-piste trails from the heights to the valleys of Dizin, Shemshak, and Darbandsar. Snowboarding, hiking, and summer sledges are also available.

Pooladkaf Ski Resort (within 12 km of Shiraz)

One of the southern Ski Resorts in Iran is the Pooladkaf Ski Resort. The two lifts of this ski resort are 1 gondola and 1 ski lift. You can enjoy the red slope and the off-piste trails of this resort. Pooladkaf Ski Resort is near the protected area of Dena.

Other Ski Resorts in Iran

  • Chelgerd Ski Resort on the Zagros Mountain Range ( within 200 kilometers of Isfahan)
  • Fereydunshahr Ski Resort ( within 188 kilometers of Isfahan)
  • Sahand Ski Resort near Sahand mountain ( within 50 km of Tabriz)
  • Khoshakoo Ski Resort ( within 10km of Turkish border)
  • Alvares Ski Resort (near the third highest mountain in Iran known as Sabalan Mountain)
  • Bijar Ski Resort ( accessible from Hamedan and Zanjan)
  • Tarik Dareh Ski Resort ( within 10 km of Hamedan)
  • Kakan Ski Resort ( within 100 km of Shiraz)
  • Abali Ski Resort ( within 70 km of Tehran)
  • Shirbad Ski Resort ( within 67km of Mashhad)

When is the best time to go skiing in Iran?

Overall, you can go skiing in Iran from January to the end of March. However, the peak of skiing in Iran is from November and the beginning of May. During these months, Iran ski resorts have good snow condition. During some months and most probably in February, you can experience skiing on powdery crisp snow. Most Ski Resorts offer grass skiing during other seasons.  Climbing, hiking and mountain biking are also available. It is worth noting that the best time for skiing might change every year. With this in mind, make sure you contact Travelopersia before planning your ski trip. You can also find the best Ski Tours through Travelopersia if you are interested.

Where to rent or buy ski equipment in Iran?

Most Ski Resorts have rental shops and especially the ski resorts in Tehran. Keep in mind that they might not have your ideal kind of equipment in stuck. Also, if you are on a skiing tour with Travelopersia, we can provide you the necessary equipment on your request.