Iran Tourist Visa Extension

The original permitted stay upon arriving in Iran is from 14 to 30 days per entry within 3 months. This means that you can enter Iran basically within the 3-month period from the day your Iran Visa has been issued. You can stay in Iran for up to 30 days. But, in case the charms and marvels of Iran have made you change your plans and stay longer in Iran, you can extend your Iran Visa easily. The Iran Visa can be extended through Iran Foreign Offices located in major cities of Iran. Below, we are going to get more into the details, requirement, and tips of extending an Iran Visa.

For how many more days can I extend my Iran Visa?

Generally, if you have obtained your Visa through an embassy, you can extend your Visa twice and each time for 30 days. But in case you have got your Visa on Arrival in the airport, you can only extend it for 14 days. All being said, you should keep in mind that the final decision regarding this matter is ultimately up to the Foreign Affairs officers.

When can I extend my Iran Visa?

Extending your Iran Visa upon Arrival can somehow be difficult. For this reason, we recommend you to try for Iran Visa Extension a few days (3 to 4 days) prior to the end of your current Iran Visa. We also advise you to extend your Iran Visa at the Iran Foreign Offices of the major touristic cities of Iran. The top touristic cities of Iran such as Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Mashhad, and Tabriz are more familiar with tourists. Providing the officers with a persuasive reason for staying longer in Iran may give you a better chance to get your visa extended.

How can I Extend my Iran Visa?

After arriving at one of the Iran Foreign Offices, you need to hand in specific documents for your Iran Visa Extension process. The required documents are listed as below:

  • Valid passport with at least 6 months validity
  • The completed Iran Visa Extension Form
  • Two Copies of the first page ( Bio Page) of your passport
  • Copy of your current Iran Visa and any other Iran Visa extensions
  • Two passport size photos
  • The required Iran Visa Extension Fee

The final decision for extending your Iran Visa depends on the Foreign Affair Officers. This decision might be decided on the same day you have applied for Iran Visa Extension or a couple of days later.

Summary of the Tips to keep in mind for Iran Visa Extension

  • Requesting for Iran Visa Extension is only possible at the Iran Foreign Offices located in major cities of Iran
  • Everybody can extend their Iran Visa whether they have obtained it in the airport or at the Embassy
  • Your Iran Visa is easily extendable and can be extend twice (each time for up to 30 days) if you have previously obtained it at an Iran Embassy
  • Visa on Arrival is most likely extended once and for a maximum of 14 days
  • It is advised to extend your visa 3 or 4 days prior to the end of your current visa since it is somehow impossible to do so if you have many days left on your current Iran Visa
  • Overstaying your Iran Visa could cause you to be detained. Make sure to plan your Iran Visa Extension in time

More on Iran Visa Extension

Work Permit and Diplomatic Iran Visa Extension is also done through the Foreign Affair Offices. These offices will connect your request to the related Ministries for Iran Visa Extension process. If you have more question regarding Iran Visa Extension, you can contact us for the latest information.

Where Can I extend my Iran Visa?

For extending your Iran Visa, you need to make a visit to one of the Foreign Affair Officers located in the major cities of Iran. The offices are open from Saturday to Wednesday at 8 AM to 2PM. Keep in mind that these offices are closed on Iranian National Holidays. Below, you can find a list of Iran Foreign Affair Officers.

Address: Shahr Ara, Tehran, Iran

Phone: 021 6693 5058

Address: Modaress Boulevard, Shiraz, Iran

Phone: 071 3725 0028

  •  Mashhad

Address: Next to Azad Univ, Rahnamaee St, Mashhad, Iran

Phone: 051 3822 5280

Address: Valieasr Alley, Bahonar Boulevard, Yazd, Iran

Phone: 035 1724 4055

Address: Rudaki Bypass, Isfahan, Iran

Phone: 031 3218 4547

  • Qom

Address: Shahid Lavasani St, Qom, Iran

Phone: 025 3772 3838

  • Bandar Abbas

Address: Imam St, Bandar Abbas, Iran

Phone: 025 3772 3838