Is Iran safe? Several views on Iran’s travel safety in 2020

Safety can be defined by many factors. As well, it could contain different meanings from the feeling of security to how things are actually being protected. In the same way, one thing is for sure. That is the fact that safety is one of the first things considered when choosing a travel destination. If you are considering Iran as your travel destination, you must be concerned about the matter of safety. That is mostly because some sources have raised confusion toward the safety and security of Iran.

Is Iran considered a safe place to visit?

At any rate, safety is somehow recognized to be a personal matter. Your level of acceptance answers the question of ‘’Am I safe here?”  Here we are going to discuss the safety of Iran. Then, you can choose to perceive Iran as a safe travel destination or not. When it comes to the matter of safety and security in Iran, we are faced by different views. Each of them is going to be looked into directly.

·        Objective view of Iran’s Safety

The U. S Department of state’s travel advisories’ website is one of the portals one can choose to determine the safety of a destination. But why does Iran fall into the level 4 category of Do Not Travel? This is particularly due to the political instability that has been going on for years. The advisory mostly focuses on the fact that travelers should avoid three areas. Namely, within 100 kilometers of the border of Afghanistan. Also, within 10 kilometers of the border with Iraq. At last, generally toward the east line toward the Pakistani border traveling should be avoided.

Can Americans travel to Iran?

Mentioning this can also raise the question of whether U. S citizens are safe to travel to Iran or not? They are most definitely safe to travel to Iran. A U. S citizen must only take further actions for getting a visa. Their visa process involve a planned itinerary and an approved tour guide.

From Low to Medium Risk

As you can see, the political war, for almost most parts, can in no way be confused with travel safety. Iran can be as safe as or even safer than any other popular travel destination. Travelers should just be aware and cautious of the troubles that can happen to them anywhere in the world. One of the other portals lists Iran as one of the countries in the Medium Risk reviewed by the 2020 Travel Risk Map by global experts of International SOS. In 2019 Iran was assigned to the Low Risk Category. This change was due to the political unrest, protest and ethnic violence. Popular destination such as Russia and Turkey also fall in Medium Risk category.

·        Following the news on safety of Iran

If you want to look at the world through the eyes of the news, anywhere outside the comfort of your house can seem deadly. But reality is that anyone’s insight can perceive the beauty of Iran in different ways. It can be from the natural wonders to the rich history and culture of Iran. From the running sands of Lut desert to the significant coastline of Qeshm. From the corners of Yazd and Shiraz to Naqsh-e Jahan Square of Isfahan. From the cities to villages, Iran is full of wonders waiting to be discovered. This takes us to a different view and that is the review of travelers such as bloggers who have visited Iran.

·        Travel bloggers view of safety in Iran

These days, one of the greatest ways to get information for planning your travel journey is through travel bloggers. Travel bloggers can take you to the mysteries and secrets of the world. Accordingly, this would also help you get a more tangible vision of the safety in Iran. Ask anyone who has traveled to Iran, they would most certainly tell you the stories of Iranians’ hospitality. You can easily converse with locals, and they would guide you with a smile. In fact, one of the most exotic features that Bloggers talk about is the sense of peace and humbleness that the architecture of Iran has brought out to them. These are of the few lifetime experiences that you can face in the safety of Iran.

Dangers and warnings while traveling in Iran

Essential information and background is needed when traveling to Iran or any other country. Overall, Iran is a safe place. This being said, with taking a few precautions you will enjoy the most out of your trip to Iran.

·        Transport Risks

All types of transportation in Iran from public transportation to online services and taxis are reliable. They are known to be very safe. Take basic precautions while using public transport as pickpocketing could occur in buses and crowded places.

·        Traffic Accident

One of the things you should be really careful about in Iran is getting into a car accidents. The driving culture of Iran can be different. If you must cross a road, make sure to look across more than twice even when the pedestrian lights are green.

·        Natural Disasters

Some regions of Iran are prone to earthquake and flood. However, the classical Route taken by travelers are of very low risk.

·        Threat of Terrorism in Iran

The popular topic of these days is the risk of terrorism in each country. But is Iran safe from terrorism? There has not been any previous threat or act of terrorism anywhere in Iran.

·        Overall Risk

Mugging actions, violent and petty crimes are rare in Iran. However, no destination is completely safe. For traveling to Iran, taking normal precautions would guarantee your safety as a traveler. Consider travel insurance for any possible consequences.

Final thoughts on the safety of Iran

Three most common concerns about safety of Iran in 2020 is discussed below. Let us know if you have any other question or concern about the safety of Iran. Or, you can share your experience of safety while visiting Iran to help others make a clearer decision.

·        Air safety and Ministerial demotivation toward traveling to Iran

The crash of Ukrainian passenger flight 752, brought a demotivation advisory against traveling to Iran. This was from the ministries of different countries. Moreover, the European Union’s air safety agency recommended airlines to keep from flying over Iran. Yet recently, after receiving assurance from Iran, KLM flights will be again at service.

·        Can I travel safety to Iran as a woman?

Traveling alone is something and traveling as a woman is something else. If you are a woman or man traveling with a fellow traveler, you have nothing to be worried about. Women and men are respected equally by Iranians. Make sure to read and follow the dress code of Iran for women. It might be helpful to know that the rules do not apply to the tourists as strictly as it does to the locals. On the other hand, women or men, if you are traveling anywhere alone you have to take further cautions sometimes. Although you will not have any problem for day to day activities, you cannot wonder around alone at night and in less crowded places.

·        Am I safe in Iran as a Christian?

When you walk among the people in Iran, you will know that they do not see any people of other religion, color or race different from themselves. There are some followers of different religions living in Iran. For example, as a Christian, you can visit the historic churches in Iran namely, Saint Stepanos and Vank church.

You might see the excitement in their face but that is only for their sense of curiosity. Iranians accept and welcome their guest with an open arm. They would do all they can to make them feel at home.

Iran is safe

It is all on us to choose a way of seeing things. You have taken the first step on planning your trip to Iran.  For now Global Health Advisory is to avoid all international travel duo to the global spread of Covid-19 also known as Coronavirus. We recommend a travel suggestion for after the outbreak of Coronavirus.