What is Iran Visa Authorization Code?

For collecting your Iran Visa at the airport or an Embassy, you need to first have an Iran Visa Authorization Code also known as Visa Grant Notice issued for you. For that you have to choose a tour operator to act on this on your behalf. If you apply for your Visa through Travelopersia, based on your request, we will contact the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) to issue this 18-letter code for you.

How long is the validity of Iran Visa Authorization Codes?

If you apply for Iran Visa Authorization Code and request to collect your Visa at the airport, your code will be valid for 90 days after it is issued. On the other hand, if you have chosen to collect your Visa at an Embassy, your code will be Valid for 30 days.

What is the next step?

Once your Iran Visa Authorization Code is issued, we will email you the code. You can then collect your Visa at your chosen Embassy or airport that you have mentioned on the Visa form.  Before collecting your Visa, you have to fill in another form and hand in the required documents for final check outs.

What are the required documents for collecting your Visa (Visa Stamp) at the airport/Embassy?

  • The final filled in form
  • A Copy of Iran Visa Authorization Code
  • Identity photos ( read about its requirements)
  • Copy of your passport with 6-month validity
  • Travel Insurance ( you can also apply for this through Travelopersia)
  • Visa Stamp Fee

Make sure to contact your Embassy to ask them what other required documents they have in mind for the Visa process since there might be some differences for different nationalities.

What is the difference between Iran Visa Authorization Code and Iran Visa?

This Authorization Code is consisted of 18 numbers and it is issued by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For getting an Iran Visa you first need to have the mentioned Iran Visa Authorization Code. You can then collect your Iran Visa and get Iran Visa Stamp at the airport or an Embassy with the issued Code.

Do I have to pay a fee for Iran Visa other than what I have paid for Iran Visa Authorization Code?

Yes you need to pay for a Visa Stamp Fee which is compulsory after getting your Visa at the airport or an Embassy. This is aside from the Service Fee that you have paid for having Iran Visa Authorization Code issued for you by a tour operator. Keep in mind that if you book a tour with Travelopersia, you will not have to pay the 30 Euros service fee since this service is already included in our tour packages.