Tehran Grand Bazaar: Architecture, Direction & Tips

Tehran Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest and greatest bazaars in Tehran. Bazaars in Persian architecture have always been an important element. Accordingly, bazaars are the main and the prior link to the development of cities. They are considered as places of culture, social interaction, and economy. Traditional Bazaars can be found in any [...]
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Am I safe in Iran?

Is Iran safe? Several views on Iran’s travel safety in 2020 Safety can be defined by many factors. As well, it could contain different meanings from the feeling of security to how things are actually being protected. In the same way, one thing is for sure. That is the fact that safety is one of [...]
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Best Iran Travel Suggestion after Coronavirus

Around the world, wherever you look, everyone is talking about the new coronavirus. Experts from different countries are trying to find and extract a solution from all the facts and information we know about Covid-19 cases. Considering Coronavirus, should I cancel my Iran trip? There is no certain date to the end of the spread [...]
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Iran’s answer to Uber

As we face the potential of a future London without Uber, let’s look at another place where Uber is also banned: Iran.

Due to the US sanctions on Iran, Uber has not been able to penetrate the Iranian market.

Though, let me introduce you to Snap, the ‘Iranian Uber.’ Currently the main player in Iran, Snap now has over 120,000 active drivers in Iran, and is growing from strength to strength as the demand for quick, personalized transport rises.

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