Around the world, wherever you look, everyone is talking about the new coronavirus. Experts from different countries are trying to find and extract a solution from all the facts and information we know about Covid-19 cases.

Considering Coronavirus, should I cancel my Iran trip?

There is no certain date to the end of the spread of coronavirus. Until then the least we can do is to hope and plan for the future. It is a matter of finding an alternative plan for your visit to Iran. You don’t have to let covid-19 ruin your vacations forever. Given that, you can just reschedule. The high point is that, until everything calms down you can take steps toward planning a better trip to Iran.

Where should I travel after coronavirus?

After coronavirus crisis ends, travelers would be definitely planning on a trip different from any they had before. You might be looking for a trip that involves more outdoor activities in the nature. On the other hand, you might still be looking for attractions and places that will allow you to keep social distancing for further cautions. This travel suggestion recommended by Travelopersia will help you plan your trip to Iran to get the most out of your trip after all this corona disaster has ended.

Choosing Iran for an after coronavirus vacation

From north to the south and east to the west, Iran, a vast country of wonders, offers plenty of places of historical and cultural interest. Besides, Iran is full of stunning landscapes and natural wonders. If you are looking for adventure, culture, sports or outdoor activities, Iran is a perfect place for you to visit after coronavirus. Iran can be one of the best travel destinations to satisfy your thirst for a travel journey after staying home and social distancing for a long time. There is a long list of places that you can choose to visit in Iran. Here are a few less heard and some popular suggestions that you can add to your Iran trip for after coronavirus. Some of them are best to visit during summer and some during other half of the year. This is because as mentioned before we are not sure when the coronavirus related crisis will go down.

First half of the year without Covid-19

Let’s imagine all the Covid crises will be over in 2 to 3 months. In this case, summer has arrived in Iran. It is better to plan your trip mostly focused on the northern parts of Iran, especially the northwest of Iran. In this region, the moderate climate overcomes the cold winter nights in summer. Being that, you can explore the Kurdish region of Iran. It includes, the Kermanshah province, the Kurdistan province and the west Azerbaijan province. The Kurds, as the third largest ethnic group in Iran, speak their special dialect and have their traditional Kurdish costume. Kurdistan is also famous for its villages which are carved into the mountain with a step-like structure. As for an example, Palangan village is one of them.

·        Water springs of Sarein

One of the cities located in the northwest of Iran is Sarein. If you need a relaxing trip after coronavirus, we recommend you consider adding Sarein to your travel plan for Iran. Sarein, famous for its water springs, is located in Ardabil province. Generally, water springs are known for their therapeutic benefits, relaxing effects and more. There are more than 20 sources of water springs in Sarein. Each of these water springs contain different set of minerals with different benefits. Among these, the Gavmesh Goli spring is the hottest water spring in Sarein. There are also cold water springs. Several hotels and pools are equipped with modern facilities such as Jacuzzi, sauna and message rooms. These places offer hot and cold water spring pools. Aside from this, you can visit the beautiful nature of the area and Sabalan Mountain. Also, you can try the traditional street food namely Ashe Doogh (yogurt soup) and more. The best time to visit Sarein is in the summer since it gets freezing cold in winter.

·        Kandovan village with cone-shaped houses

Feeling the untouched village and nomad life of Iran is one of the unique experiences you can have. The Kandovan village is located in east Azerbaijan province, 60 kilometers south of Tabriz. This thirteen century village represent not only the village life of Iran, but also an unusual formation of its houses. Most of Its homes are naturally formed caves. They were formed from volcanic ash of Mount Sahand. The best time to visit Kandovan village is during summer when the climate moderates. Plus, you can take a one-hour car ride to visit Tabriz. Tabriz Bazaar, blue mosque, Elgoli Park and Armenian churches like St.Stephanos monastery are of top Tabriz attractions.

The second half of the year without Covid-19

Now if the Covid crises take longer, for the rest of the year fall and winter prevails. For this time you can plan to visit the southern and central parts of Iran. From islands and coastline of Qeshm, Hengam Island, valley of stars, Bandar-e Laft to Hormuz and Kish Island. Also, it is going to be the best time for a desert adventure and visiting some central villages like Abyaneh. Abyaneh is famous for the reddish outstanding color of its mud bricked houses which are in a step-like plan. Abyaneh is also the city of angels as the women in this village wear long white scarves instead of black ones.

·        Spectacular Deserts of Iran

One-third of Iran is bounded by deserts. Deserts are the most visited tourist destination in Iran. No word can describe the beauty of Iran deserts. Just mysteriously quiet and breathtaking with the endless scenery of wavy domes and starry nights. While there are two major deserts in Iran, there are plenty of others scattered across the country. Extreme hot climate of deserts in summer makes a desert hike impossible. The best time for a desert adventure is near the end of summer to the end of fall and early spring. Maybe it is just the perfect time for your after coronavirus trip. Make sure to pack warm clothes for the cold climate of fall and winter nights in the deserts. You can camp in the desert or spend the night in the nearby villages. Accordingly, experiencing the village and nomad life in each part of Iran is in its own way a never ending adventure. Following is the list of most famous deserts of Iran from major ones to the rest.

  • Dasht-e Kavir, the largest salt desert in Iran
  • Lut desert, first to be inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List
  • Mesr desert, covered by golden sand dunes
  • Maranjab desert with Maranjab castle
  • Shahdad desert, famous for its magnificent Kaluts and historic castles

Varzaneh desert, perfect for camping, sand surfing and all kinds of desert entertainments

More on Cultural gems of Iran

Aside from all that was mentioned, you can explore the culture and architecture of Iran to a greater extent. On top of that, you have a wider choice between cultural attractions especially if you are visiting Iran during winter. You can start with the sights which are inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage list. Then, there are many more outstanding attractions. Each region and city with a signature architecture of palaces, mosques, historical houses, and monuments. Below is a list of most recommended major cities and cultural interests especially for first time visitors of Iran.

  • Tehran, the capital of Iran, is the center of modern and contemporary Qajar Arts. Golestan palace, Grand Bazaar of Tehran and jewelry museum are a few of its highlights.
  • Ancient Persepolis ruins of Shiraz, the pink mosque of Nasir al-Mulk and the beautiful Persian gardens of Shiraz are a must-see.
  • Yazd is with no exaggeration the city of wind towers. Visiting the tower of silence and Zoroastrian fire temple with eternal fire is highly recommended.
  • Isfahan in its heart holds Naqsh-e Jahan square which is one of the largest squares in the world. This city is the representation of Safavid arts in Iran.

Today, as we confront these challenging times of the spread of coronavirus, our best hope is to keep going on for better days. We hope for Health after coronavirus.